Reviews for Of mutts and men (Book)

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A sterling tale of love between a man and his dog. The Little Detective Agency consists of Bernie Little and Chet, his canine companion. Chet, who narrates all their adventures, constantly tries to articulate his own feelings and his understanding of what Bernie’s trying to accomplish. A chance meeting at a party introduces them to hydrologist Wendell Nero, who invites them to visit his trailer in Dollhouse Canyon the next day, where they find him with his throat cut and his wallet and personal items missing. The sheriff is dying and his deputy is useless, so Bernie and Chet investigate, quickly turning up clues to a suspect they track down. Even after Florian Machado is arrested, Bernie feels there’s a lot more to the story than simple theft. He persuades Wendell’s exes to take time out from fighting over his RV to hire him to find the killer. Florian’s lawyer, an Ivy League big shot who works for a law firm that never touches this sort of thing, gets him to agree to a plea bargain that only deepens Bernie’s suspicion that big money and water are involved. Since Chet can’t communicate all the information his super nose has discovered about the killer, they have to break the case the hard way. You don’t have to love dogs to enjoy this idiosyncratic mystery, which is both amusing and introspective. Copyright © Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.